We all have equal responsibility to
ensure road safety.

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Keep left if not passing.

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Maintain speed & road position when being overtaken.

Plan ahead, caravans have more options than trucks to rest.

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Follow signage, it's the right thing to do.

Are you ready to share with heavy vehicles?

Tips for Caravanners

¬† One of the most challenging situations on the roads is when a truck catches up behind a van and […]

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The Importance of Rest Areas

Caravanner and RV users in comparison to truck drivers have abundantly more options available to them in regard to fatigue […]

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Travel at a safe following distance

Do not follow a heavy vehicle / truck¬† too closely, as you need to see…

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Nicole Rutledge and Rod Hannifey, road transport and road safety advocate share their tips for Co-Existing with trucks. Watch these videos for your education and learn how to contribute to safer roads.

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