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Travel at a safe following distance

Do not follow a heavy vehicle / truck  too closely, as you need to see what is ahead to ensure road safety e.g. debris and other cars.

It is important to remember that cars and heavy vehicles / trucks have completely different braking requirements.

Allow for time to stop safely.

The table below shows comparisons of stopping distances for cars and trucks when travelling at the same speeds.

Vehicle Speed Stopping distance (metres)
Car Truck 
 60km/h 73 83
 70km/h 91 105
 80km/h 111 130
 90km/h 133 156
100km/h 157 185


Table Ref

Watch this video, it highlights why trucks need a greater braking distance plus offers best advice.


We would like to acknowledge and credit Whiteline Television as the creator of the videos in conjunction with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle road safety initiative.  We appreciate their support and believe Working collaboratively is in the best interest of road and public safety and seeks to reduce competing messages and advise.