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Tips for Caravanners


One of the most challenging situations on the roads is when a truck catches up behind a van and the van driver on a single lane highway. Some setups limit caravan towing speed and hence a truckie may make the decision to overtake. It may seem like a good idea to slow down to allow the truck to pass but this actually forces the truck to slow down, lose momentum and speed also.

We recommend maintaining your speed and position until the heavy vehicle pulls out to overtake, and if you wish to assist, lift your foot gently off the accelerator. Once the vehicle is safely back on the right side of the road then regain your travelling speed.

  • Make sure you know what your safe maximum towing speed is and do not exceed this when being overtaken by a truck
  • Seek professional advice from your manufacturer or towing setup specialist about top towing speed
  • Maintain speed and do not slow down whilst the truck is beginning to overtake
  • Consider using UHF to communicate

We would like to acknowledge and credit Whiteline Television as the creator of the videos in conjunction with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) Heavy Vehicle road safety initiative.  We appreciate their support and believe Working collaboratively is in the best interest of road and public safety and seeks to reduce competing messages and advise.