30 Days of Road Safety

5 Responses to “30 Days of Road Safety”

  1. Ron Warwick says:

    I would say that communicating with trucks via your UHF is a most important courtesy by us RV people so that we may share the road together and be safer on the road.

  2. Ashley says:

    Instead of trying to educate us caravan drivers, how about getting onto the designers of truck sites or caravan sites.
    I’ve driven up and down the east coast many times and firstly there are not enough stopping spots, nsw have built these lovely stops , massive ares for trucks and about three spots for caravans which every time you drive in they are full of cars so you have to drive straight out again, usually the truck area is completely empty during the daylight hours.

  3. Ian Crawford says:

    These types of messages are what is required for those who are not sure what is the right thing to do. However, I felt the two videos I have just seen didn’t reach what would have expected. The ‘truck stop’ video skipped over truck stop protocols and spent more time on UHF radios. The ‘UHF’ video was a complete wasted opportunity. The first video covered all already. Keep up the good work, but please more content.

  4. These are BRILLIANT .. Everyone should have to Watch n’ Learn !

  5. Cam Douglas says:

    This is exactly what’s needed
    Need somewhere where it can be shared on Facebook etc. To spread the good work.

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