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  1. Thanks for the tips. Keeping space for stopping is also an when it comes to caravans as I find that drivers don’t understand that it also takes a longer distance to stop when towing a caravan or heavy trailer.

    One of my pet gripes with other vanners is that when they travel in convoy they travel too close to each other. I’m beginning to believe that people should sit a written test before they can tow a caravan.

    Again thanks for the videos and might I suggest that it would be a good idea to get them on Van Park websites such as Big4, Discovery Parks, et cetera.

    Cheers, Mick

    • Wayne says:

      I agree that all vaners should have to do a written test and a driving test before they are allowed on the road.
      And when travelling in a group spread out leave enough room to let a B Double to over take and get back into his right lane.

  2. Co-Exist Admin says:

    Hi all, thanks for the messages highlighting the issue with the last question. This has now been rectified and the correct answer is there. Apologies for the inconvenience and safe driving.

  3. Theo Thomas says:

    Good to see this kind of info being made more accessible to everyone. Heavy vehicle rules are a bit of a mystery to most car drivers.

  4. Anne says:

    There are different rules for truck drivers in different states. WA has longer working hours. Also, although the maximum speed may be 100 for trucks in Vic, many of them are travelling at 105 and at times 110 on the Western Highway. They “monster” you if you won’t go over the speed limit of 100 near our town. See it all the time.

    Car drivers need to learn not to tailgate caravans. Like trucks, we can’t see you in our mirrors and if we have to brake suddenly you will rear end us.

  5. Wendy Campbell says:

    Truckies also need to slow doen and stop tailgating. Three very dangerous drivers last Tuesday on Bruce Highway. Their actions could have resulted in a multitude of deaths. It is not always other drivers at fault

  6. Bob Jonas says:

    Never been a Truckee, hence not savvy with the rest periods. The rest should be common knowledge but, I’ve been caravanning since 1969 and every day I see that there are many that don’t have the knowledge or refuse to do the right thing.

  7. Rod Davis says:

    When travelling with a caravan I have always when overtaking or being overtaken by heavy vehicles made contact with the drivers an never had problems as each know what is happening.

  8. Geoff R says:

    If you are travelling with friends in convoy towing vans or behind another vehicle towing a van, keep a good distance back so single vehicles passing do not have to pass more than 1 car and 1 van at a time.

  9. JOHN SMITH says:

    I am A ex coach driver & I tow my 27 ft caravan . my wife tow as will . we take turns in towing to give me A break .

  10. Brian Thompson says:

    The UHF is essential. Just acknowledging the truck behind you that is catching you, they will soon let you know the best action to take. By knowing the roads they know when to pass and when it is safe for all. Lifting your foot while they are passing gets the job done quicker and safer.

  11. wendy says:

    a truckies wife should get 6/6 and i did

  12. Cameron says:

    I think I could come up with more intelligent /relevant questions for car/caravan drivers

  13. Pam Atkinson says:

    With the question regarding the stopping distance of the truck does it not differ with the size of the truck and the weight of its load, i.e. a empty 10ton tipper will stop quicker than a fully loaded double.

  14. Shawn Nolan says:

    I assumed the 100km per hour limit was moved up to 110km per hour as no trucks stay on 100 kph when I’m on the roads

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